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  • 1. Contact wear Wear caused by relative movement of contact surfaces. By strengthening the oil lubrication of the friction pair surface, wear can be reduced. 2. Abrasive wear The presence of foreign matter (abrasive particles) between the friction pairs will also cause wear. The foreign matter is mainly the abrasive grains produced by normal wear and the hard impurities from the outside. This kind of wear can be reduced by regularly replacing the specified lubricating oil or grease. 3. Corrosion and wear The water and sulfuric acid produced by fuel combustion have a corrosive effect on the cylinder, which can be effectively reduced by using the specified fuel and enhancing lubrication.

  • What if I don’t replace time chain after its deterioration? The sprocket may not be meshed consistently with an excessively worn chain resulting in time chain noise and reduced performance. In extreme cases the chain may break, resulting in major engine damage and a threat to the rider's safety. GAOFAN Cam chain Kit is designed to with best performance during engine operation. It also enhances the engine efficiency. A lack of pick-up in my motorcycle, shall I need to replace Clutch Friction Disk? Generally the friction discs are constructed friction material pasted on aluminum plates. The power from the engine is transmitted to the transmission by friction force with the clutch plates. CFD (Clutch Friction Disk) should be replaced when the wear exceeds the service limit or wear out over a period of time. A worn out CFD will indicate the kick slippage during kick starting  (All models in 100cc & 125cc category). A worn out CFD may result in clutch slippage and cause engine overheating, lack of power and acceleration with an increase in fuel consumption. Other parts such as clutch plates and pressure plate may also be damaged. GAOFAN Clutch Friction Disk are manufactured from the superior non asbestos material. They not only can withstand high frictional forces and dissipate heat efficiently but also ensure low air pollution without using asbestos. This results in longer life of the component and prevention of any health hazards. Erratic idling and loss of control on acceleration while riding is bothering me for some time? Which parts need to replace? The throttle cable and linkage may be worn and damaged over a prolonged usage. They are easy to rust and deteriorate when they exposure to environment. The throttle operation may become sticky and the throttle valve will fail to return smoothly not only on running the engine at higher speed but also the throttle is released. Erratic idling can cause higher fuel consumption and engine overheating. The extreme cases may be out of control of vehicle during clutch released and causes a threat to the safety of the rider. GAOFAN throttle cables are designed specifically for 2 wheeler based on model configuration. These cables are internally lubricated with smoother operation and longer service life. Gear shift operation has become hard making.  It is difficult to ride my motorcycle. What could be this problem? The clutch is operated thrugh the cable which may wear or damage after a prolonged elongate and linkage. When the clutch cable becomes stretched, the clutch free-play increases. The clutch will be disengaged incompletely. And it is difficult to operate gear shift and engage the transmission in gear during stationary position. The extreme cases may be out of control of vehicle during the cable breaks from the linkages  and causes a threat to the safety of the rider. Therefore it is very important to periodic inspect or replace. GAOFAN clutch cables are designed the specifics of ...

  • Brake shoes/pads after exceeding the service limit will less the brake effective because of reduced friction. Excessive wear causes the metal part of the brake shoes/pads damage and results in increased cost of repair as well as the rider’s safety. The brake shoe, pad drum or disc need to replaced after the braking effort and abnormal squeaking sound are indicated. GAOFAN Brake shoes / pads / drum / disc are manufactured to the highest quality levels to protect the rider’s safety. Non-asbestos friction material on shoes / pads for a cleaner and safer environment make it the best possible solution for your 2 Wheeler.

  • A drive belt is always contacted with the pulley so it needs to be replaced due to excessive wear over a period of time. Also, it will harden and deteriorate due to ozone and heat by friction because it is made of rubber. Drive belt is recommended to replace in every 24000 kms. Wear or hardening of the drive belt may cause slippage, power losing and increasing fuel consumption. GAOFAN’s drive belt is a cogged belt with synthetic rubber and fibers comprising of the core, designed with anti high friction, heat and ozone to give a more confortable ride and a longer life.

  • Proper lubrication and adjustment can be extended life of a drive chain. Otherwise, it will result in premature wear. The drive chain will be torn by worn out sprockets and affected the performance of the vehicle. Chain noise and rough running of the motorcycle are indicators for replacing chain sprocket kit. Severely worn drive chain will lead to oscillation during running, may dislodge from the sprocket and damage the components delivering a threat to rider’s safety. It could cause to poor fuel efficiency and affect the drivability. GAOFAN Chain Sprocket Kits are made of superior in quality and well tested for a long lasting performance.

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